The journey through academia into clinical work

I will be forever grateful for my academic journey. As a woman who changed her career path in her forties, academia was scary thing! Believing in my intention to use art as a means to express I knew that formulating my goal to incorporate psychology, lskjds and clinical work was the journey I had to take. The masters programme and dissertation pushed me to the limit, while grounding me in my believe in this work.

As a firm believer in finding soul in your journey, my byline for years, I realise that this mantra is now firmly placed in the steps that I take every day. The belief in myself and my clients in the ability to learn to ground ourselves, to make our decisions as conscious as possible, is a long but for-filling journey. How do we find this ability – through being listened too, therefore feeling heard, and then having the support to investigate through talk therapy or arts therapy.

I often get asked if I can ‘help’ a family member or friend. I pass on my details and ask that person to get their love one to contact me. In the words of many therapist, sadly, no matter how much you care, you can’t help someone until they want to help themselves.